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The Regal Leopard Gaze


Luminary Luxe, our latest addition to the furniture collection, goes beyond conventional design to offer a transcendent experience inspired by timeless soirees. It is a collection that caters to discerning individuals who seek home decor that exudes elegance, and sophistication.

Our Bestsellers collection is a perfect fusion of luxury and practicality, offering furniture pieces designed to cater to a wide range of spaces and backgrounds, these best-selling items are crafted with careful consideration for both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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Bistro Barstools

"Your home should be a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love"

- Nate Berkus

Cane Culture - Outdoor & Indoor Furniture Collection by The Inside Project


Let's discuss the material that assists assembling our flagship collection, Cane Culture - 
Cane/Rattan is the name for roughly 600 species of long-stemmed, woody vine that is rooted in the soil at ground level and uses trees or other vertical support to climb up in search of direct sunlight. Around 20% of cane/rattan is efficiently important and is habitually used in producing rattan-work furniture, baskets, canes, etc. The greatest diversity of rattan palm species are in South-east Asia and Africa.
In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land by providing an alternative to loggers. Cane/Rattan is majorly known as a sustainable wood as it is much easier to harvest and grows much faster than most tropical wood.
Contrary to Bamboo, Cane/Rattan stems are not hollow, but when leaf sheaths removed they are apparently lookalike to Bamboo. World's 70% cane/rattan community exists in Indonesia. Rest of the world's supply comes from Scandinavia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
After peeling off the skin, the core of the rattan wood can be used for various purposes in furniture making. It is a very good material, mainly because it is feather-weight, durable, elastic and convenient for outdoor use.

Tulum Outdoor & Indoor Furniture Collection by The Inside Project


TULUM - One of our collection, TULUM is inspired from Mexican aesthetics. It's colorful, vibrant and amazing, just like Mexico. It features minimalist yet distinctive approach to the design philosophy.


Now the question arises, how is it sustainable?


The collection proves itself to be sustainable as it is not generated from freshly made plastic cords. It is manufactured from recycled plastic found from sea waters. We don't increase the plastic contains of the planet, alternatively we use the plastic that was reprocessed after taking out of the sea and generate them into colorful and accent plastic cords. Then the so prepared colorfast UV resistant cords are made to last stylishly for years with its durable powder coated metal frame.


The furniture made from these cords have a very airy, breathable and distinctive design and are very comfortable with or without cushions. The collection of furniture is a perfect fit for every outdoor space, as it is easy to clean and highly convenient for outdoor living. It is sturdy enough to never blow over and dry quickly when wet. This visually impactful collection stand still when used indoors too. 


So Briefly, it can fit in any place to add character and staggering effect.

Hand-made rattan lamps stacked on top of each other

Rattan Lights

It is a familiar fact that rattan furniture impeccably magnifies the look of modern residences. Rattan furniture isn't hard on pockets and leaves the guests surprised when they see the beauty this furniture brings to your home. It comes in a large array from shapes to size and grade which is surely apt for present-day residences.


Rattan being lightweight and flexible, it can be shaped or moulded into different and desired shapes and sizes, which isn't possible with hard wood. Our pre-seasoned Indonesian Rattan seatings are all suitable indoors as well as outdoors. The designed rattan chairs require less maintenance and come at a cheaper price as compared to hardwood ones. 


Some of our cane seating collection are mentioned below :


The Arlo Seater : This globular chair is confident to give your outdoor space, a casual luxury. The pre seasoned rattan low heighted chair is a perfect sustainable add-on to your garden/balcony.


The Bergen Chair : Inspired from the Scandinavian styling, its soft and appealing display will complement all of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Yuda Chair : Either for a tea or coffee break, this masterpiece is assured to accompany you in style. Its rattan accent chair material is from the Indonesian region.

The Retreat two seater : Because of its impressive durability and the classic charm it  is considered to be an alternative to your living room sofa. It perfectly goes well with your garden or lawn granting a rich aura to the place.

The Aden Chair : This work of art is self-assertive to bring the coziness to your house adding an enhancement to your home with sustainability and luxury.

You can get some pronounced creation without the use of numerous ingredients.

- Uncomplicated and fruitful!

Nowadays, chandeliers are almost a necessary element in modern spaces, as they are minimalist and they possess the ability to design an eccentric frame of mind. The current trend of rattan has resulted in the popularity of the lighting and lamps constituting the flexible material. Rattan and bamboo have been an integral part of furniture and home decor since past ages. No doubt, sustainability long prevailed during that era.


The lighting system made up of rattan or wicker impart a stylish and versatile glance to the space. Along with a plethora of benefits come a range of designs to choose from. We have curated some special collections of fixtures for you - 


1. The HERRA hanging lamps - This pendant is assembled with a superior, structural persona. It is a perfect choice to enhance the look of the space in a Scandinavian fashion.


2. The ILONA hanging lamps - The ILONA collection of hanging lamps promote a natural and calm spirit to the space. It's hand-made cane structure allows a soft glow of light, while it's tiny holes let out an amazing sight of light.


3. The ZEST hanging lamps - If you're looking for a spherical shaped rattan pendant, the ZEST hanging lamp stands still to this very choice of yours. It's globe-shaped design promises to add a quality and native drive to every space.


4. The CADIZ hanging lamps - This organic look of this perfectly bent rattan pendant gives it an organized presentation. This half-dome shaped pendant light feels expanded and ornaments the room with rich-like hue.

5. The WAVE hanging lamps - Rattan is largely accepted in home decor because of its flexibility. This twisted rattan chandelier is all you need to give a strong, memorable statement to your home adornment.

The rattan lights are sustainable and unique and of primitive organic styles. You can get some great rattan designs without the use of multiple materials.

Simple but Effective.

Rattan seatings perfectly compliments rustic indoor settings

Rattan seatings

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