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"Brass Bliss Awaits You"


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Bistro Barstools


Sturdy and Stylish.

The Roro Seater is a highly sought-after outdoor furniture item that combines a classic look with modern comfort. It is made from sustainable Scandinavian rattan, which means it is durable and will last a long time. Adding the Roro Seater to your garden or outdoor space will transform it into a stylish and cozy area.

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Swayampurna Mishra with our cane collection chair.

Swayampurna Mishra

Celebrity chef and author of My Indian Kitchen

These Chairs are just my new favourite comfort zone.

Ivah hanging chair with cushions in a balcony.

Vinithra Amarnathan 

Founder & Interior Designer at Weespaces

Much bigger than I expected it to be and very very pretty!

Hanging cane made chair.

CFO at Sephora,India

My Zen Corner is up and I am excited to spam your feed with many pictures of me on it.
This beautifully hand crafted chair swing is by @theinsideprojectindia , on my special request the founder Sudeshna got a stand made for it so I could use it to hang by the stand or even the ceiling when in the mood to!

Cane furniture in balcony with plants.

SLIP|Interior+Spatial Design
Interior Design Studio | Bengaluru

Outdoor cane furniture from 
@theinsideprojecthome for 
easy maintenance.

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