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Claude Hanging Lamp

Claude Hanging Lamp


If your preference for lighting fixtures tends to lean to the dark side, check out the Claude Rattan Hanging Lamps. Black and white wicker Pendant lights combining natural hue and black woven rattan, this lamp achieves the perfect balance between boho and glam to certaily impart a luxury indoor lighting climate.

  • Product Dimensions

    Height : 12 inches

    Width :  8 inches

  • Product description

    Material : Indonesian Rattan

    Type : Lamp

    Assembly : Easy to assemble. Fix the bulb in the holder of the light.

    Frame : 24mm Indonesian Rattan

    While these products are designed for outdoor use they require regular maintenance and care .

    Accessories : Bulb holder and wire

    Quantity per Carton : 1

  • Product Care

    Wipe with a damp cloth for easy maintenance and regular cleaning.

    Do not drag the furniture.

    Do not soak the furniture.

    Avoid any contact when connected to an electricity source.