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Sweetbow Rattan Chair

Sweetbow Rattan Chair


The Sweet Bow Rattan Chair is a beautifully designed chair that features a unique bow-shaped backrest, which adds an elegant touch to any room. Made from high-quality rattan material, this chair is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. It comes in a natural brown finish, which complements any decor style, and the comfortable cushioned seat adds to its overall charm. The intricate weaving pattern of the rattan adds a touch of texture, making this chair stand out. Perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, or even outdoor spaces, the Sweet Bow Rattan Chair is a stylish and functional addition to any home.

  • Material Satisfaction

    Preseasoned Indonesian Rattan

    While these products are designed for outdoor use they require regular maintenance and care .

  • Dimensions


    Height from floor to seat: 11cm

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