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Indonesian rattan is a type of climbing palm that is widely used for making furniture, baskets, and other household items. The process of making Indonesian rattan furniture typically involves harvesting, processing, and weaving the rattan into the desired shape.

To make Indonesian rattan outdoor and waterproof, a protective coating is typically applied to the surface of the rattan. This can be done using a variety of methods, including spraying, dipping, or brushing the rattan with a waterproof coating material.

Another option for making Indonesian rattan outdoor and waterproof is to use synthetic rattan material, which is made from polyethylene and is inherently resistant to water and weathering. Synthetic rattan can be woven into a variety of shapes and styles, just like natural rattan, but with added durability and resistance to the elements.

Overall, the process of making Indonesian rattan outdoor and waterproof will depend on the specific materials and methods used by the manufacturer or craftsman. However, with proper care and maintenance, Indonesian rattan furniture can last for many years, even when exposed to the elements.

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